"Your Business is Our Business"
There are two ways we prepare your taxes.

1.  You  can come by our office:

        a.  Use our drop off service or;
        b.  Stay at the office while we prepare                your tax return.​​​​

2.  Save time and use our KDA System.​​
​​                                     How does it work?

1.  Click "CONTACT"

2.  ​​Complete the "Contact Form" and "Submit"

You will receive a secured login to your personal ShareFile​ and a tax questionaire via email.

3.  Complete the questionnaire and send all related    
​     documents via your secured ShareFile.

4.  KDA Accounting will complete your tax return and send it via        your ShareFile for your approval.

5.  After your approval, your tax return will be filed with the IRS.

6.  Your refund will be direct deposited into your bank            account..

                 "That's it!"  .... You Never Leave Home         ​​​​​​​​​​​

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